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Updated (4/18/2017) – Course Information

River and Pavilion Start time: 10:00 a.m. at the Butterfly, Northbank ShelterTower Event T-shirts: T-shirts will be guaranteed to those who register by April 14th. Late registration: you can register at the event from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., however the fee will be $30.00 and you will not be guaranteed a t-shirt.        

All shirts will be picked up AFTER you have finished the walk.  We will have two separate areas for pickup.  One for those who registered on the Steps for Autism site and one for those who formed a team or joined a team on Crowdrise.  

Crowdrise teams: Please have ONE member of your ENTIRE team pick up ALL shirts.

Website Registration: Shirts can be picked up at the shelter and will be distributed using the last name of each participant.

The day begins with a 5k  run or walk starting and ending at the butterfly. The course takes you through some of Spokane’s most notable features: Riverfront Park, Kendall Yards, Centennial Trail, and crosses the beautiful Spokane River several times for an amazing view – a must see in April. Large Map With Course sml  

Click here for a printable course map


  • Lisa Freeland Reply

    If I selected “run” from the store , picked a tshirt size, and paid $20 , does that mean I am registered for the run? I thought it was odd there was no place for age. Thank you

    • Stepping Admin Reply


      Yes, you are registered for the run. Due to an oversight we will be contacting everyone for their age group assignments separately.

      Thank you!

  • Tiana Reply

    Can I participate in the both the walk and run? Would I have to register for both to do so? I would like to run the 5k and then join some friends for the walk.

    • Stepping Admin Reply


      You DO NOT have to pay twice. You’ll only get one shirt though. 🙂 So yes, you can do both!

      Thanks for your support. See you saturday (or on Friday from 2-6 at Fleet Feet on Washington).

  • Kami Reply

    Can’t wait! Love that it’s around Riverfront Park.

  • Christene budau Reply

    If there is 3 adults walking one is autistic and i have 2 toddlers who may walk part of it how much would it cost and are strollers allowed

    • Stepping Admin Reply

      Yes, strollers are allowed. If you are walking the 5k then the cost for adults would be $60. Kids are also $20 each if you would like them to have a t-shirt, however, if they do not want a shirt then you can have them join you at no cost.

  • Dennis Billups Reply

    It is great what you are doing to raise funds for the Northwest Autism Center and the Isaac Foundation- both organizations have done so much for my autistic son and our family as well as many other families touched by autism. I would also like to mention and thank the Achieve Center in Spokane- we enroll our son there during the summer break for occupational, speech and feeding therapy and they are a wonderful organization as well. Thank all of you for the beautiful work that you do- you are very much appreciated! We look forward to the 5k walk on April 22nd and we are trying to get as many family and friends to sign up for Team Billups as we can to support this effort.

  • Vikki Reply

    Can we join a group (who wants to win biggest group?) instead of registering as 2 individuals? We will still be walking together for the 5k but thought it’d be nice to help out a group?

  • Vikki Reply

    nevermind… shoot, just realized we are going to a health fair all day that day…. You can delete my comments. Thx

  • Stephanie Reply

    I am 14 and am already registered, do I have to have an adult with me?
    I don’t have anyone to run with, can I run without a group?
    What is a race packet and is it mandatory?
    Do I have to specifically register for the run or do I choose between the run and walk when I get there?
    I have a problem with one of my legs, what happens if it gets real painful and I need help?
    Thank you for replying and if you have any tips, I would love to hear them.

    • Stepping Admin Reply


      We would appreciate you being with an adult, but there will be many volunteers and many other families present (hundreds) – we’re all walking at approximately the same time.

      As for the rest, you dont need a packet this year and as for the run/walk, that’s completely up to you!

      • Stepping Admin Reply


        We also have medical staff on hand if you have an emergency.

  • Alicia Reply

    Is it alright for our autistic daughter to use a scooter during the walk?

    • Stepping Admin Reply


      That shouldn’t be a problem at all!

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