Volunteer With Us

Please list how you'd like to participate, indicate your preference for standing, sitting or ability to move things.
Are you available all day or just part of the day? let us know!
In return for being allowed to participate in Steps for Autism volunteer activities and all related activities, the Volunteer or Parent/Legal Guardian of Volunteer if Volunteer is under age 18 releases and agrees not to sue Steps for Autism, Northwest Autism Center or Autism Society of Washington or its officers, directors, employees, sub-contractors, sponsors, agents and affiliates from all present and future claims that may be made by me, my family, estate, heirs, or assigns for property damage, personal injury, or wrongful death arising as a result of my participation in the Volunteer Activities wherever, whenever, or however the same may occur. I understand that participation in the Volunteer Activities involves certain risks, which could include, but not limited to, serious injury and death. I am voluntarily participating in the Volunteer Activities with knowledge of the danger involved and I agree to accept all risks of participation. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Steps for Autism, Northwest Autism Center and Autism Society of Washington for all claims arising out of my participation in the Volunteer Activities. I represent that, to my knowledge, I am in good health and suffer no physical impairment that would or should prevent my participation in Volunteer Activities.
Use of Voice, Image and Likeness. I give Steps for Autism and Northwest Autism Center permission to use my voice, image or likeness, with or without using my name, solely for the purposes of advertising and promoting Steps for Autism now and in the future.

Volunteer Training

If you have signed up to volunteer, please register for our volunteer training on Wednesday, April 24 from 3pm-4pm. CLICK HERE to register.